Holding onto summer

This past weekend was my first weekend off since the 4th of July.  That’s a really big chunk of summer that I didn’t get to enjoy with anyone because, lets face it, there’s not a lot of people to hang out with when you’re off on a Tuesday.

To kick off the weekend we decided to go to this cute little Italian restaurant  that’s not to far away and has a big patio.  Sadly, the place had gone out of business and we were forced to drive around with the sunroof and windows open in search of another patio.  There is seriously nothing better that driving around on a beautiful summer evening.  We decided on a Max and Erma’s, nothing fancy, but a really nice patio that no one was enjoying.  I just love getting to hang out with my husband, it may seem like an obvious thing for someone to say, but when it’s been nearly 2 months since you’ve had the same days off as your most favorite person it’s a really big deal to get to do something small like have a decent dinner together in a great atmosphere.  I ordered  a Mojito, which aside from a freshly made Caipirinha, is in my opinion about as close to summer in a glass as you can get.



While I’m being honest, I don’t really drink much, Friday night is probably the first time I’ve had any alcohol since my last weekend off.  So 2 Mojitos and I was pretty tipsy.  We ordered some delicious fresh made chocolate chip cookies to take home, and stopped by the store to get some caffeine, with all intentions of going home to watch a movie and stay up late.  We pull up something on netflix and the thing I know it’s 3am and I wake up on the couch with Will sound asleep stretched out beside me.  At least we put some effort into our date night.

Saturday we had big plans.  First brunch with some friends at the Northstar Cafe, a local restaurant that specializes in delicious food made from locally sourced and organic ingredients, it’s one of those places that people get in lines that stretch for a block or more and don’t even think twice about how long it is because the food is just that good.  Next onto Will’s favorite comic book shop to pick up his weekly pull (it’s possible that there’s a comic or two in there for me also.)  And finally to top off our night we went to our first ever Columbus Crew game, pro soccer, with one of Will’s buddies from work and his wife.

We’d never been to a professional soccer game before, it was honestly a lot of fun.  Aside from television I haven’t really watched a soccer game since I was a kid and my brother and I played.  The Crew came back from 0-2 to win 4-3, and afterwards we went out for a couple more drinks at a bar that apparently is the place to be after a Crew game.  The people there made us drink something called victory juice out of an actual trophy.  It was really a little surreal, but an experience I wouldn’t have been without.

I decided to top off my weekend with a trip to the pool with a girlfriend.  We’ve been trying to go to the pool for really the entire summer, and since I was freaking out because summer is nearly over I decided we had better make it happen.  I may have over done the sun a little, but right now that little bit of red feels completely worth it, because it can’t really have been summer without a little bit of sunburn.  Besides our upcoming vacation there’s probably only a few days left for me to enjoy the outdoors anyway.  The nights have already cooled off enough for the early trees to start changing colors.  So I’m going to do everything in my power to make the most of the 23 official days of summer that I have left in 2012.



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