Football season

This past weekend wasn’t just a nice long 4 day weekend to celebrate Labor day, it was also the launch of college football.  I have developed a love hate relationship with football season.  I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, everyone is a Steelers fan, everyone!  That’s just how life is there, during football season churches even move their times earlier so that people can get home in time to watch the game.  Yes it’s ridiculous, but it’s only once a week.  When I moved to Columbus, OH I found out that the city was pretty much the same, except it revolved around OSU football.  I didn’t really like this, but it was for personal reasons, for one I was not at OSU, and for two I thought it was sort of insane that people were so crazy about a team that was made up of people my own age, they’re kids!

When I met Will I was pleased to learn that he was a fan of Notre Dame and the 49ers.  Neither team is anywhere near us, and I figured I could handle two football games a week.  We started dating during the start of baseball season, and even though Will loves baseball he rarely watches games on television, I never thought twice about what football season was going to be like.  Will asked me to marry him in August, we’d been dating for a little more than 6 months.  Looking back, maybe it was a trick, maybe he wanted to make sure I said yes before I saw what life was going to become during football season. 

For those of you that aren’t aware, football is on television all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.  And when football isn’t live there’s NCAA and Madden for the xbox.  From the beginning of September till the end of January every year I am now subjected to football almost everyday. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy watching the games live.  We’ve taken quite a few road trips to South Bend, IN to watch Notre Dame live, and the games, even when they lose, are always fun.  The campus is beautiful, the fans are lots of fun and really friendly.  And while I’ll always be a Steeler’s fan at heart, I love watching Will get excited about the 49ers.  We even went to watch their last game of the season last year (jan. 2012) during our last day of our Disney World vacation.  It’s just great to watch my normally shy and reserved husband become friends with everyone, well 50% of the people that were in the ESPN zone. 

From this weekend till the end of January I’m on my own for enjoying my weekends.  At least this year my anniversary falls on a Monday, and just before the start of the Pro-football season.  To all you ladies who are in the same boat, I hope to bump into you at the mall. 


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