Well it’s really still one day away, but I couldn’t resist making a post before we leave.  I took today off also to make sure I could get all of the laundry done and didn’t have to stay up into the wee hours packing like I usually do.  Will is terrible at packing a suitcase, if I let him he’d just toss everything into a bag 15 minutes before we had to leave, and he’d probably forget socks and underwear.  I’m the opposite, I’ve been watching the weather for week so that I can plan out appropriate outfits.  I’m not a crazy person, it’s just if I don’t plan it out I end up packing way too many clothes.  I think we’re going to get a little lucky with the weather too, it’s moved from the mid 60s to the low 70s.  If only the lows for the week would go up from the mid 50s.

Do you have a system for traveling that works well for you?  I make a list of all the activities we’ll be doing and go from there.

  •  Friday: travel and baseball at night
  • Saturday: Alcatraz at 11am, golden gate park after, Japanese tea garden, and somewhere casual for dinner and the ND game
  • Sunday: Fisherman’s Warf, shopping, and 49ers at night
  • Monday: trolly ride and other touristy stuff during the day, baseball at night
  • Tuesday: maybe redwoods or whatever else we can come up with and fancy dinner

We have lots of outdoor activities going on so I’m going to need lots of layers and comfortable shoes.  It’s nice that most of the outings on our list allow for casual clothes so I can pack lots of basics and cute accessories to jazz things up.  Riding boots are a must, a couple pairs of skinny jeans, a couple different scarves, and layering pieces that can be mixed and matched.

thanks for always having great inspiration photos

I’m also going to need my new 49ers hoodie, a Notre Dame long sleeve t-shirt, and a Baltimore Orioles shirt that I can hide under something else at the A’s game.  I’m sure Will’s entire travel wardrobe will revolve entirely around sports and sneakers.

Sneakers are the downfall to every trip we go on.  I love him, but he has more shoes than I do, in fact it’s more like he has more shoes than me and 2 of my friends combined do, and they are all sneakers.  They take up a lot of space and he needs multiple pairs to go with different outfits.  I’ll end up wearing my boots on the plane, and packing a pair of heels for fancy night and a pair of sneakers, because I’d much rather leave room for anything we buy while we’re there.

to be continued….


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