San Francisco Days

Day 1: So we’re dummies, we do this every time we go anywhere. The flight is at 7, so we screw around all day and end up staying up till 2am packing and then have to get up at 4 something to make it to the airport on time. It manages to work out for Will, he just sleeps his way through the flights, on the other hand I only managed to take a couple cat naps. In the long run when time zones change drastically my method wins out. I spend one day pooped and I’m right into the new time zone.

Once we landed we took the BART (bay area rapid transit), sort of a subway, from the airport to downtown. My iphone wanted us to switch to a bus to get to our hotel, but being the genius i am I decided to take a short cut, hey its only .25 mi from the BART station to our hotel lets walk.

After a nap and a shower we were out the door again to catch the BART to Oakland for the Orioles/ A’s game. The Coliseum isn’t much to talk about as far as stadiums go, but it is pretty great that the BART goes within walking distance. Our seats were amazing, right field, right behind the “bull pen,” so we got to watch all the pitchers warm up. Also it was both Starwars and fireworks night. Which ended up also being Star wars music for the fireworks display, so amazing. Sadly the Orioles lost, but it was still fun.

Our first hotel was the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental, at the top of Nob Hill. It’s really really beautiful, with amazing views of the city. Being on Nob Hill is nice in the mornings, it’s a pretty quick down hill trek to most places you’d want to go in the city, and at the end of the day it’s a short cab or trolley car ride back up the hills.



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