On a San Francisco high

Day 2: Alcatraz, dunh, dunh, dunh. I highly recommend going to see the island prison.  Just make sure you book ahead of time through http://www.alcatrazcruises.com/
They’re the only place that goes to the island, so anyone else that says you can go through them is a scam.  When we showed up for our tour the place was sold out till Tuesday, and our trip was at 11am on Saturday.  I also recommend going earlier in the day if you can.  The self guided audio walking tour can get crowded even early, but as we were getting ready to leave the place was getting hard to move through.  When you’re done with the audio tour make sure you take some time to explore the gardens and other areas they’ll let you visit.  There’s amazing architecture, plant life and views of the city.


After the boat ride back we made a short walk to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Warf.  It’s a little kitschy in this area, but we love doing the touristy thing.  Besides lots of cute little shops there is some great sight seeing and food as well.  Make sure you take some time to check out the sea lions reserve, they’re pretty hysterical, climbing on top of each other and playing king of the hill.


We ended our evening having drinks and watching the Notre Dame game at Players Arcade.  The drinks are on the pricy side, but strong.  We had a tv at our table and you could choose from pretty much any sports event that was currently on.  We lucked out and the guy at the next table put on the A’s vs O’s game, so we could see both.  The arcade part of the restaurant pretty large with anything from pin ball to skew ball and a little shop to cash in any tickets you win.  There’s also a tiki bar towards the back, but I only peeked at in when in search of the restroom.

After the game we decided to hike back up the hills to our hotel. I have to say its easier to do when a little bit drunk. On our way we happened across a little shop selling vinyl toys, Double Punch, they had a huge selection of vinyls, I ended up leaving with a Funko Pop Superman and Hawkman, and Will found and awesome Cloud figure by Dissidia.  It was a great find at the end of the night.

We finished our evening by attempting to see the Top of the Mark, but there was a 60’s party happening, with a $15 cover charge so we skipped it.  We would have been the youngest people there by a couple of decades anyway.



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