Fake Tales of San Francisco

Day 3: On Sunday we got up relatively early to do some shopping before making our way south to Candlestick Park for the 49ers game.

Powell St. has some great stores, the surrounding area as well. We aren’t high end shoppers, so we usually hit up the local H&M, Old Navy, GAP, and other such shops. Will hit the mother load at Old Navy, they had tons of 49ers gear from their new sports team line. I just got a long sleeved t-shirt for under the 49ers tee I brought with me.

Next we were on to the Disney store. I am obsessed with Disney. It started when I was a kid, well really what kid isn’t crazy about Disney, but I really thought I could be like the artists I would see on television. I remember when we first got cable tv, I’d watch Disney everything. I remember when my mom took me and my 3 younger cousins to see Snow White when it was rereleased. I have very clear and distinct memories of just about everything Disney that came into my life until I saw …… And Disney was going the way of the computer, my heart broke. The day of the full scale animator was gone and I left Disney by the way side until ….. Then this past January Will and I made the trek to Walt Disney World. It was even better than I remembered as a child. One day we were in a store and I saw these adorable vinyl toys, all in the shape of Micky Mouse but with different characters and art painted on them, I found a case of Alice in Wonderland blind boxes and my collection of Disney Vinylmations was born. This trip I was hoping and praying to find some of the Wishes around the world series, which is only sold in NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco. I managed to get a leprechaun, French sailor, and geisha Minnie, along with a couple blind boxes that I’ll end up using as trades.


After our shopping trip was complete we made our way back up the hill to our hotel so we could change into our 49ers gear and start our trek the game.  It looked easy enough from what my phone’s gps was saying we just take one bus to almost the stadium switch and get dropped off a quick walk away.  We planned to arrive about an hour before the game to take a tour of the stadium and find our seats.  First the bus was really late, then the one that showed up was packed to the gills, Will made friends with some Detroit fans that were waiting for the bus also, he figured we could all manage our way there together which ended up being a really good idea.  When the next bus showed we all crammed on it, and finally made our way to the transfer spot, but some random guy told us we could follow him and walk, it wasn’t even a mile and we’d get there quicker than waiting for the next bus.  Let’s just say I’m really glad it was light outside because it really didn’t feel like the safest of neighborhoods to be walking through sort of following a complete stranger.  The area near the stadium was even colder and windier than down town.  Candlestick Park seemed nice enough, it was way too packed for us to really explore it much once we were there.  As far as professional football goes that was one crazy experience, packed with screaming fans, loud as can be, completely insane about sums it up.  I can see why people love it, but it wasn’t really for me.  I’m 5’1″ and cramming through a packed stadium of huge, probably drunk, pushing,  and screaming men was more terrifying to me than just about anything.  I don’t know if that’s what every game is like, the 49ers game was only me 2nd pro football game ever.  The first one being the Buccaneer’s home opener last year in Tampa, it was over 100 degrees and people were not quite as amped up, but probably more drunk, and we didn’t stay the whole game because it was just way way too hot.  The niners were amazing, and beat the crap out of the lions, and Will had the time of his life, and honestly that’s the important thing.  I love seeing that fella smile.



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