I left my heart in San Francisco

Day 4: Monday was the day we had to switch hotels. An awful thing to have to do during a vacation, but it was necessary. There was some sort of conference in town and almost all of the hotels in the city were booked on our last 2 days there, or the prices sky-rocketed out of control. I mean a hotel that’s normally $150 a night going up to $400 a night. So we decided to go to the Red Roof Inn near the airport. It was nice enough, with wood floors, and our room had a mini fridge and microwave. The bed could have been more comfortable, and the a/c unit could have had a nice middle ground, but it was inexpensive and had an amazing 24hour diner, as well as a free shuttle back and forth to the air port every half-hour so we could catch the BART back into the city.

Before we switched we stopped at a nice cafe for breakfast. The Golden Gate Cafe, it’s on the 3rd floor of the building it’s in, with neat 50’s decor and music. The food was really good, and really not priced too badly. The big windows made it worth every penny, just a really amazing place for people watching and views of the city.

By the time we were checked in there was barely time to unpack a little before we had to hop back on the train to head back for our journey to AT&T Park for the Giants game. We made one stop for lunch at the Burger Bar before the game. It’s inside the Macy’s in Union Square, and if you like burgers you must check it out. Hubert Keller is a genius when it comes to burgers and milk shakes. There’s another one in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and our friend told us to check it out a few years ago. The black and white milk shake it to die for, cookie dough, vanilla ice cream, and hot fudge, in a word yum! They serve more grown up versions with alcohol also. I just had a regular mushroom and swiss burger, but there is a huge selection of toppings and pre made burgers, as well as a variety of delicious beef and other ground meats. After lunch it was off to the stadium, Will managed to score us really great seats in the club level. We also managed to find a great deal on a hoodie for me at the game. The park is just beautiful, and there’s more food selections than you would ever believe. If you’re ever in San Fran you should check it out, even if you aren’t a huge baseball fan there’s always lots to do in the nice stadiums. AT&T has a giant coke bottle that has a slide in it, and there’s a small baseball field for kids to play on, as well as tons of memorabilia from past seasons. After the game we followed the crowds back to the BART and made our way back to our motel room to watch some TV and get some shut eye for the last day of our adventure.




Day 5: For our last day in the city we decided to take an open top bus tour to Muir Woods. I was pretty skeptical about the tour, they’ve always seemed a bit like a tourist trap to me. So we made our way to Fisherman’s Warf to find Sighseeing Tours and book our trip, we actually made it just in time and caught the 2nd to last bus of the day for the tour we wanted. Instead of one of the double decker buses the bus to Sausalito was pretty much an old school bus with part of the roof removed. The first past of the trip went from Fisherman’s Warf to the north view point of the Golden Gate bridge and then on to Sausalto. Our tour guide Lou was pretty great, we made a couple of brief stops at some pretty vistas and the Palace of Fine Arts to take some photos. He had some fun stories about the area to share as well. At the north viewing stop for the Golden Gate bridge we were allowed to get off the bus for 10 minutes to take photos and look around, some people walked the length of the bridge and caught another hop on hop off bus back to the city. From there it was only about 15 minutes to Sausalito down windy roads full of bicyclists that have to be half out of their minds to ride down those hills with all the cars and buses driving up and down them. We stopped for lunch in between our buses at a little hamburger shack simply named Hamburger, and ate while we waited with 2 other couples for the bus to Muir Woods. It was another half hour drive up and down some of the craziest windy roads I’ve ever seen, all in the back of a school bus with it’s top cut off, but honestly it was the greatest ride ever, and our second tour guide was hysterical. He told us about all the eucalyptus trees in the area, and the floating hippie neighborhood, and all sorts of other completely random and off the wall things. Half of them were probably made up, but he had us cracking up with laughter. We only had a little more than an hour to enjoy the red woods. The area deserves so much more time than that, but with out a car there was little else we could to about it, and getting to see some of the woods for an hour is much better that not getting to see any of them at all. They’re amazingly tall, and make you feel tiny and insignificant the way standing next to the Gran Canyon does, but also so connected to the world around you. It’s simply breath taking.




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