Wild wonderful Ohio

Back in the buckeye state and fall is here in full effect.  It’s been unhappily chilly out there.  San Francisco was all the fall weather I was ready for this soon.  At this rate I really don’t think we’re even going to get an indian summer, the temperature went down to 60 and it’s just staying there, and the nights have been even colder.  Thank goodness for feather blankets, and warm kitty snuggles.  Fonzi isn’t a a big fan of the cold either.

It’s been a slow week for my life outside of work.  Work however has been busy busy, from day one back actually.  My boss is on vacation for 2 weeks so I get to handle my regular responsibilities and being the go to person for the whole store.  Kinda feels like I didn’t have a vacation, but I get a 4 day weekend this week to make up for how crazy it’s been the last few days.  We have big nerdy plans too 🙂  It’s Wizard World weekend in Columbus OH.

Comic book conventions are the most spectacular place for people watching.  I can’t wait to bring you photos of all the amazing things I see.  And yes! I really love comicons, as I’ve said before I collect vinyl toys, and I can’t wait.  I’m hoping to find a couple Ame-comi girls at a deal.

This Super Girl and Batgirl specifically.  They’re wonderful.


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