1 day at a time

Today is my first day getting back on the health train. It’s possible that I derailed a little during my lunch break, I really shouldn’t have taken the left over pizza from last night, but at least it won’t be a temptation this evening. On the way home I’m also stopping at the grocery store for items for Dr. Oz’s liver detox. Fresh lemons, hot sauce, and bitter greens. The lemon and hot sauce is to get mixed into a cup of warm water and drank every morning for a week. You’re also supposed to eat 2 cups of the greens each day for a week. I’m sure that with all the pizza and diet soda I consume my liver will be happy after the week is over. I’m also cutting back on my diet soda. Only one a day a d the rest to be replaced with water. And for daily exercise besides the gym 3x a week I’m avoiding the elevator at all cost while at work. My store is really big for square footage and the escalator is centrally located so it adds a good amount of extra steps everyday, and zipping around gets the heart going.

Tomorrow will be my first day back at the gym. I’m not looking forward to how packed its going to be, but you gotta just jump in with both feet. I think I’ll start off with just some light-ish cardio tomorrow, do my best to run a mile, and afterwards do some light upper body.

How are you sticking to your New Years resolutions?


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