Then NYC!

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love NYC!  When I was a little girl I would tell everyone that when I grew up I was going to move to New York City, wear all black, and be an artist.  After college I honestly attempted this to the best of my ability at the time, sadly it didn’t really work out.  I packed up all of my things, got a job a Starbucks, and never had any time or money or courage enough to do anything about my art, then I ended up back here in Columbus, OH within a year.  It took 10 years for me to find my way back to the City, and though a lot had changed I still loved it.

For our second trip we planned it around getting to see a NY Knicks game (Will’s favorite team of course.)  We just went for a long weekend.  On our way there Friday we stopped at an outlet mall to do some shopping then fight our way thorough traffic into the city.  This time we found a hotel just off Time Square, The Milford.  It was a great hotel, and reasonably priced for being just a block away from the action.  The rooms were small, but pretty standard for NYC hotels, and everything was very modern in style.  I’d definitely stay here again.  We spend Friday evening walking around Time Square and stopping to get some dinner at a wonderfully little place called The Hour Glass Tavern.  Honestly it’s much bigger than you’d think from the ground, there are 3 levels.  We ate on the first floor and it was intimate and romantic, the service was amazing, and the food even more so.  With so many crowded and geared to the tourist options in Time Square I really recommend you find your way off the beaten path.

Saturday we woke up and headed out to find some breakfast with not much of a plan.  Wandering a couple of blocks west we found a sign in front of a bar that said “now serving breakfast.”  Being hungry and adventurous we went into The New York Beer Company to see what breakfast was all about.  This place is really reasonably priced, and the food was great.  I had an omelet that came with seasoned potatoes and a side salad with a hot tea all for less than 15$.  We liked this place so much that we decided to go back and check it out for the night life that night after the game.  From breakfast we made our way to Midtown Comics to entertain our nerdy side for a bit.  Afterwards while I was still excited for vinyl toys we found a Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya Bookstore, filled with all sorts of amazing imports.  Before the game we picked up some pizza slices, because where else are you gonna get great pizza on pretty much every street corner.  Basketball is not really my thing, but Madison Square Garden is pretty impressive, and the Knicks won, so it was fun to watch.  Afterwards we went back to the hotel to change and hit up the New York Beer Company again.  A completely different atmosphere, but still really cool and they have some really unique and delicious cocktails.  From here we went to check out one more bar Jimmy’s Corner.  If you’re looking for something that feels more like old NYC this is the place to check out, it’s small, but the drinks are cheap, and the atmosphere is very down to earth.

Sunday we just did some last minute souvenir shopping and started back home.  The trip back is always made easier with a box of Dunkin Donuts!

The City is so big, it’d be next to impossible to see everything in one trip.  Make sure you get in something for everyone.  This time around we stayed mostly in the Time Square area and hoofed it everywhere we went.  Don’t be afraid to use public transportation though, especially if you have a smart phone.  Your phone will tell you when the next bus or train is coming and where you need to transfer to get where you want to go.  This city always has things going on, so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl you can find things to do.


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