Every day can be something new.

I know I know, I’ve been terrible about posting.  But not all adventures are somthing I want to write about, and the last year and then some have been full of lots of the bad sort.

Lets talk about the good ones though.  Starting with being back in beautiful Columbus, Ohio.  I’ve been back nearly 8 months and loving it.  There have been some bumps along the way of course.  Adjusting to  my new living situation being up there for sure, but I’ve fallen in love with my new home and neighborhood.  Mostly Q and I enjoy the balcony.



Back in May I went on a wonderful adventure with one of my best friends.  We took a week long trip to Punta Cana and stayed at the Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Don Pablo.  This is a HUGE resort complex with several resorts on the property and from what i could tell the prices for each vary based on how close you are situated to the actual beach.  The Ambar Don Pablo is one of th 18+ areas, and closest to the actual beach.  There are 2 sectons in the Ambar, Ambar 1 and Ambar 2.  You’ll have access to both lobbies and pools.

We stayed in Ambar 1, but after the first day at the pool decided to use the Ambar 2 pool the rest of our trip.  It completly depends on what sort of vacation you’re looking for.  We had wanted something relaxing and less of a party, but if you’re looking for lots of interaction with other people at the resort I’d recommend the Ambar 1 pool.  If you stay in the Ambar section you have complete access to the entire property (except resturants), but like I said we were there to relax so we didn’t do any of the activities.



The beach was just stunning, and really there were plenty of lounge chairs no matter what you might read on travel websites.  The wait staff was wonderful at both the pools and the beach, and prompt, the drinks are served in tiny plastic cups, but if you bring your own cup with a lid they’ll gladly fill it up with anything you like.


The food was really pretty good for  an all inclusive.  Breakfast was my favorite by far, every variety of breakfast foods you could ever want.  We went to the Brazillian Steak house, and the Greek sit down resturants, but the other nights went to the buffett.  At the buffett they have some type of internation cuisine as the theme each night.  My favorite was Spanish night, and least favorite sadly was Dominican night.  No matter the night though there were always staples that anyone would enjoy.

Our room was nice, from what I’ve read they’re all the same aside from if you get a king sized bed or two doubles.  My only complaint was trying to figure out which light switch went to which light.  The beds were comfortable, and lots of pillows.  There was a mini fridge stocked with soda and water daily.

We booked through Cheapcaribean.com.  This is the second time I’ve used them and was really happy with their service.  The airline lost my luggage on the way down (always pack a change of clothes, extra undies, and your swimsuit in your carry on.)  Our Cheapcaribean concierge contacted people and while I was fighting with American Airline’s customer service they managed to pull some miracle and get my luggage to the resort.  I learned another really important lesson out of this, I can get away with packing way less when I’m going to the beach.

Even without my luggage I had a fantastic time.  No one should get upset about things like that when they’re in a place so beautiful.


Q and I have also have had a pretty serious loss.  About 3 months ago our furry best friend Fonzi was diagnosed with cancer.  The symptoms came on pretty suddenly, and my wonderful vet did as much as he could.  Sadly after a month or so Fonzi passed.  He lived 10 year with all of my love and 5 of those with Quinzel’s love as well, and the two of us miss him every day.

me and the fonz


I hate to wrap this post up on a sad note, but even the sad moments in life can be a different type of adventure.  I learned that I can make some very difficult decisions and come through on the other side okay.








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